Social Media Marketing

Increase your rankings and help potential customers find you

Social Media has become an important part of Internet Marketing because Google uses it as a significant factor in website rankings. The more active your company is on social media the more Google feels your website is of interest to people, so they’ll give you higher rankings.

Social Media Marketing in Vancouver just got easier with Standard Marketing's social media team.

They not only count the number of links from social media websites that point to your website, they also count the number of “citations”. A citation is simply a mention of your company name or brand on a Facebook page, a Twitter tweet, or a LinkedIn recommendation, for example.

Social media is very different from traditional advertising in that it’s the consumers who control the messages about your company. Social media is not the traditional blasting out of one message to the masses by a company. It is many conversations by individuals. Social media can be a great tool to generate interest in your company and traffic for your website.

It’s got to the point where people expect a modern, up-to-date business to have a respectable presence on social media. A professional looking Google+ and Facebook page is almost always essential. We can design pages for you like the images of our Facebook and Twitter pages on the left. In addition, we will increase your “Likes” and your “Followers” to respectable levels.

Also, we can be constantly monitoring for mentions of your company and your products so you are aware of what customers are saying about you and can respond while the issue is hot. Customers and prospects get a very positive image of your company from this kind of timely response to their problems and concerns.

Internet Marketing Vancouver firm, Standard Marketing also offers social media marketing.

The best social media strategy is a long term strategy. We can find people on social media sites who have problems that your products or your expertise in the field can solve. Then we help you provide value to them and many others over a long time. This establishes you and your company not as a “pusher” of “Look at Me” information as so many are doing, but as a “giver”, a real person who cares about individuals. Over time this builds not only a tremendous reputation but a significant knowledge base that will be found in the future when other people are searching Google for those same answers.

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