Video Production

We produce high quality HD videos quickly and inexpensively because we do everything in-house. Contact Us for a quote today by phoning 604-261=6544.

Video is the most powerful communication tool there is. Video shows your products as they really are. It demonstrates how they work, teaches your customers how to use them, and pre-sells your business to prospects. Video is the most entertaining and persuasive way to sell your services. Click on the large image below to see a video we produced from scratch for Cratex Industrial Packing Ltd.

This 4 minute video includes:

  • Fast motion
  • Aerial drone footage
  • Script writing
  • Professional voice over
  • Sound on interview with the owner.

From Concept to Completion

We are fully equipped to produce High Definition video, including fast motion, and aerial video with our remote control drone.

Complete video production done in-house, including:

  1. Concept creation and strategy.
  2. Script writing by a professional Marketing Copywriter.
  3. On-location shooting.
  4. Aerial video shots with our remote control drone.
  5. Fast motion video.
  6. Live interview recording.
  7. Voice-over narration.
  8. Sound editing.
  9. Video editing.
  10. Post production.

Real Estate Videos

We can produce just about any kind of video for real estate agents, teams, brokers, and developers. Whatever you are trying to communicate we’ll help you figure out what to say and the most effective way to say it. We’ll combine video and narration into a powerful message. The “Walk Through” video to the right has no voice-over, but it’s done very well. (2 min) We’ll make your listings look great. >>

Page One Google For Your Video

We can also post your new video on and your website, and make sure it ranks on page one of Google for whatever keyword phrases you are targeting. Phone 604-261-6544 now or use the short form below for a very reasonably priced quote on what will become your most powerful marketing and sales tool ever.

To contact us use the short form on this page.