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To ensure your website is targeting your most profitable customers you first need to do a little market research and planning. This article talks about how to do that, and the other 7 steps as well.

8 Steps to Guarantee Your Website Makes Money

  1. Choose the Most Profitable Target Market
    1. Smaller Is Better –A counter-intuitive point is that the more narrow focus you have with your target market the better. The internet is so huge there will still be more than enough people interested in your products to make you successful.

      Another reason to choose a small niche is that unless you have a huge marketing budget you won’t be able to complete with the big companies who have websites at the top of Google organic search now.
    2. You Need “Buyers” – Another reason to choose a small niche is that unless you have a huge marketing budget you won’t be able to complete with the big companies who have websites at the top of Google organic search now.
    3. Build a Persona – Unless you already know everything about your prospects you need to spend some time on it. Find out as much as you can about them. Is there a forum where they discuss industry issues, or a social media group of your prospects you can join? Does your competition have any good information on their websites? Do they have a blog where their customers have left comments?
      It’s good to learn your prospects’ demographics, job status, what social media they use, places they visit, magazines they read, even their views on current events if you can. The more you know about them the better.
    4. The Money Is In Their Pain – Find a problem they have that your products or services can solve. What keeps them awake at night? Figure out how your product or service takes away their pain, or gives them something they want, such as to feel important, get a promotion, lose weight, gain more freedom, more love, or makes their life easier.
    5. Unique Value Proposition – Then it’s good to come up with a reason why your target market should buy from you, rather than anyone else. If you’re not better than your competition you must be different. Talk about those differences. This is sometimes called Unique Selling Proposition or USP.
  2. Create Website Content for Google Rankings – Then you create a great deal of content with solutions to your niche’s pain, so Google sees your website as an authority in that. What keyword phrases are they searching for on Google? Write content for your website talking exactly about those topics.
    If you can it’s good to have something like an interactive questionnaire that provides instant gratification. They will share it on social media, and it will keep them on your website longer. Website engagement and length of stay on your website are important Google ranking factors. Social shares are also a factor.
  3. Harvest Prospect Emails – Then it’s good to develop a Lead Magnet to collect prospects’ email addresses. Even though email marketing has been around a long time it still has the greatest ROI. If you’re going to convert prospects to customers you need to communicate with them.
    Your Lead Magnet could be a discounted product, a free webinar, or a “How to” article that gives your niche some of the solutions to their pain. You don’t have to give away the farm, but you do need to provide real value over time. It will take some people longer to trust you than others.
  4. It’s All About Trust – Your homepage should have as many Trust Signals as you can muster, a testimonial(video testimonials are the best), awards, credentials, industry associations you belong to, SSL Certificate, everything you’ve got. You need to show prospects you are real, that you will actually deliver what you promise and provide great value.
    It helps to have a Money-Back Guarantee. Even if you’re selling something like a course or training it’s important. Some people will cheat you, but the extra sales you get from reassuring good people their money is safe will be more than worth it.
  5. Now The SEO – ASearch Engine Optimization(SEO) can bring huge numbers of prospects to your website. After the website is built you need to optimise every page for your main keyword phrase, as well as related keyword phrases from Google suggest at the bottom of the search results page.
    If the page content is long, and the longer the better, it’s good to include your keyword phrase at the beginning of your Title Tag, in the url, in your Description Tag, in the first ALT tag, the headline of the page, the first 100 words, the last 100 words, and only occasionally in the text.
    If the above list is too many times for your short page content don’t include them all. Be careful to only put your keyword phrase in enough times so Google will know what the article is about. If you put it in too many times Google will penalize your rankings. See this page for more about SEO.
  6. Easy Backlinks – Links on good quality websites that have content relating to your content, are Google’s second most important organic ranking criteria. Massively important. It’s good to make a list of your suppliers, friends, relatives, local charities you’ve donated to, clubs you’ve been involved in, and ask them to put a link on their website that would take people to your website when clicked. You may need to offer them something they want.
    For example, it’s good to provide a scholarship to a local school. They will put a link on their website to the page on your website where students fill out the application form.
  7. Counter-Intuitive Backlinks – Most of your backlinks will come from content you write that is not targeted to your customers. It needs to interest the websites in your industry who give links to other websites. Then you show them your content improves the value of their website. It takes time and work, but it’s the art and science of great SEO. It needs to be done on an ongoing monthly basis.
  8. Make Money With Social Media – You can often have a good return from Facebook advertising, but of course it requires an expenditure. And your ads will be more effective if you’ve taken the time to build something of value to your prospects that you can give away.
    About the only way to make money from social media without a cash outlay is to find one social media platform your prospects are using and contribute to it daily. It’s good to answer their questions for a few months without ever trying to sell anything. Then offer something free to get them to your website. This step is easy but it takes a lot of time.

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