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How to Create Link Bait

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With the SEO world shuddering over the recent Google Update Penguin 2.0 many link builders now fear for their livelihood. Among Penguin 2.0’s targets are websites that appear to be partaking in questionably link building practices. The Google algorithm update will spend the summer slithering through the web identifying unnatural backlinks and stripping participating websites of their Page Rank.

The act of purchasing links on directories (especially ones not related to the industry of client website), trading links, buying online advertorials, and even guest posting anchor text heavy articles on submission sites will get you gonged off the stage. So what is a hapless website to do?

My advice? Create link bait. In essence, link bait refers to content that is interesting and engaging enough that it will be shared by others online (thus linking back to the original source – your website) without embarking on an extensive outward  link building campaign. The backlinks to a website that come from offering link bait are natural links – the kind of backlinks that Google LOVES and rewards websites for achieving.

6 Surefire Ways to Create Link Bait:

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Be Bold Without the Bounce

Be bold when using visuals and headlines for your website’s blog, online ads, and for practically ALL Social Media efforts. Boring clipart pictures and text heavy introductions don’t get noticed. Yes, it may satiate the old school big wigs that fear stepping outside of the box in a brand’s communications. That’s fine for them. The box is a comfy place with lots of room because they’re all alone in there. The customers? They’ll be elsewhere.

If you’re hoping to attract online customers then you need to understand two things; first, these customers are already forward thinkers and second, they have practically no attention span. In other words you need not fear their apprehension about bold messages and you only have a couple seconds to get them to notice you. Perhaps many of you understand this already, but another problem arises when the marketer spends so much time focused on delivering an eye catching message that they forget to relate it to their product. When the user/consumer clicks a link connected to the visual or reads further and discovers that the content or product doesn’t match the initial message – they leave immediately. That’s what we call bounce.

Here are a few tips to follow to help you deliver a bold message while making sure consumers stay put:


This is perfectly acceptable for a funeral home wishing to convey that they now have new plots suddenly available. Tasteful? Maybe not so much.

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Is Your Business Pinteresting?

I know the letter “p” on the keyboard is close to the “i” but the title of this piece is no typing error. By now you should know what Pinterest is and if you have a business you should have a Pinterest account. I cannot be apologetic in this assertion. There’s no time for that. Yesterday it was announced that Pinterest has surpassed Yahoo as the fourth biggest traffic source – behind only Google Search, Direct (typing the site URL into your browser), and Facebook.

Months ago we released an article about which businesses should be on Pinterest but that can now be edited to one word – ALL. Visual Content Marketing is taking over as the publics’ attention spans gravitate less towards text and more towards eye catching imagery. Pinterest, and Instagram, are dominating the Social Sharing campaigns for many businesses. Pinterest is no longer just a place to look at cupcakes, shoes, and beach bungalows in Tahiti. It really never was.

As with Twitter and Facebook, steadfast rules apply as to how you should conduct yourself as a brand on Pinterest if you hope to engage users to the benefit of your business:

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Why Your Business Should Be Sweet On HootSuite

Every week it seems like we’re turning you on to yet another content sharing social network that your business should use to augment its brand presence and get new customers. We can almost hear the collective sighs from outside of our office doors – “Another one???”

True, it can feel like a daunting task to maintain multiple social media accounts for your business and with recent data evidencing that every network is accompanied by dramatically differing demographics and times of the day that each social network is most active, you could easily fill entire days of the week attempting to optimize your marketing efforts towards them all. But who has the time for that? Enter HootSuite – a Vancouver BC based tech company that takes the burden of your social media and content  scheduling and streamlines it into one convenient platform.

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Contribute & Share and Others Will Follow

Internet marketers tend to discuss content creation as if it were the be all and end all solution to building inbound links, increasing Social Media following, and boosting traffic – and in many ways it is. However, before your content can “perform”, you have to do two very important things first – contribute to and share the content of others.

This article details the 5 W’s of contributing to and sharing the content of others so that others will follow suit and do the same for you:

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The Content Marketing Shift Towards Visual Appeal

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Content is everything in the age of internet marketing. Whether you sell tech related products and services or wooden widgets, you need to create engaging content for your website to get noticed by Google AND to attract repeat visitors. However, while the written (typed) word will always remain a top priority for content marketers, a massive shift is occurring towards a greater inclusion of attractive imagery to serve as the gateway to, and accompany, all written content.

With the meteoric rise of Pinterest and Tumblr’s dashboard becoming a standard in blogging along with Facebook’s switch to Timeline – including their one billion dollar acquisition of Instagram – it is proven that the public is responding to imagery more than ever. Swarms of early adopting B2B’s and B2C’s have jumped in line and dramatically increased their use of images to convey a message about their product/service.

Below we examine the best practices for your business to use visual design to maximize customer conversion:

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The F.A.C.T.S. of Content Sharing to Gain Customers

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Content sharing is the cornerstone of internet marketing today. A few years back, businesses felt it best to hold their cards close to their chests, believing that the sharing of industry information in an open public forum would make them vulnerable to competition, that thoughts and ideas would be taken by rival businesses and manipulated to come across as their own and ultimately be used to enhance their own image in the eyes of the consumer. Yes, that happens, but so what? Internet business is a virtual playground privy to the eyes of everyone that decides to wander in. Sure, you could take your ball and go home, but guess what? The game goes on without you in this scenario.

The emergence of social media has proven that the sharing of information between both business to business and business to consumer sects is here to stay. Standard Marketing once again is here to put the “proof in the pudding” with some advice of our own to help you manipulate your own campaign with what we call The F.A.C.T.S. of Content Sharing to Gain Customers:

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