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Faulty Mobile Redirects and SEO – Google Warns Users on Search


Awhile back I posted an article about how Google started to drop search rank for websites that did not provide searchers with a mobile optimized experience. The article concluded with 6 tips to avoid mobile optimization mistakes. The first mistake mentioned in the post detailed faulty redirects. A faulty redirect has long been one of the most common issues with websites that feel content to redirect mobile users on search to the homepage of their site even if that user was being provided a search engine result for a different page. Webmasters do this because they have cut corners and only optimized their homepage for the smartphone user. This of course frustrates (and infuriates) everyone anticipating a page that directly answered their query. The result is a bounce rate of nearly 100% as users flee the scene to a competing site that is optimized for their iPhone or Android. But that still hasn’t been enough to dissuade webmasters from providing this poor mobile experience. Well as of last night around 7 PM (PST) Google stated that they have had enough.

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Duplicate Content SEO Solutions for the Well-Intentioned


There’s nothing creepier than duplicate content

It should noted be that this article is not for webmasters that intend to use duplicate content to piggyback off of the work of others to boost their traffic. Even though such a “strategy” is counterintuitive given Google’s witch hunt for said practices, thousands of websites across the world continue to bite content without permission. Their days are numbered so let’s not worry about them. Instead, this piece relates to businesses that depend upon pulling content from a shared database or portal in order to promote their product/service. This is a legitimate practice that unfortunately puts them in harm’s way of a duplicate content penalty. Is this you? No worries, I have a solution.

First, let’s identify the types of businesses and associated websites that I am referring to here. Businesses that sell products online as a part of an affiliate program often pull product descriptions from a single source. Those same descriptions are used by potentially thousands of other webmasters resulting in exponential duplication of textual content. Travel agents too share the same destination, service, and amenity descriptions as provided by hotels, airlines, cruises, and the like. Real estate professionals are also severely dependent upon receiving a listing feed that is shared by countless of other real estate professionals. Do you fit within these relative categories? Then read further.

4 SEO Solutions for Businesses Dependent upon Duplicate Content:

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