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When Are External Links Good for SEO?

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Don’t be afraid to use this helpful tool

SEO campfire stories like to strike fear into the hearts of businesses managing content on their website. These stories whip novice “webmasters” (your average online business owner) into a frenzy, having them think that a poorly placed comma can shut down their search engine optimization efforts. One of these supposed culprits is external linking. If you are a business owner who has received instruction on how to manage the blog (for example) on your website you may have been dissuaded from linking to other websites from a neophyte internet marketer. However by explicitly following such misguided advice you are most likely not providing your website’s visitors with a truly useful experience. Either that or you are cutting corners.

I’m here to tell you that using external links on your website is not only perfectly fine, it is both directly and indirectly good for your SEO efforts because ultimately, it serves the user – your customer.

7 Situations Where External Linking is Good for Your Website

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