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8 Causes of SEO Anarchy

SEO Anarchy - Bad SEO

Anarchy (an·ar·chy) – “A state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems” (Oxford Dictionary)

Regardless of political beliefs, the last thing anyone wants when it comes to their website is complete disregard for a controlling system. There can be no search engine optimization (SEO) without a system of order in place. A website has no hope of maintaining a strong rank on Google while converting customers in the process without abiding by the law of the SEO road. Today I bring to the table eight items that can cause chaos for your search engine optimization efforts and ultimately lead to the demise of your website. If you recognize any of the following then it is time to turn things around and make a change for the better.

8 Things That You Should Look Out for to Avoid Chaos for Your Website’s Search Engine Optimization

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Say Goodbye to Your Google Authorship Profile Picture – What You Need to Do Now

Google Authorship Profile Pictures Are Dead

Wow Google, you really like toying with our emotions don’t you? I’ve got bad news for every blogger and content manager out there who have recently run down to the nearest mall’s Glamour Shots to update their Google+ authorship profile picture. Google announced that they are giving the boot to your pretty face, literally and figuratively depending upon how you feel about it. Google is removing Google+ authorship profile pictures from their search engine results pages along with the Google+ circle count that shows up beside it. For many this feels like a devastating move while for others it’s all much-ado-about-nothing. Regardless your stance I’ve provided some information below as to how you should proceed.

What You Need to Do Now That Your Google Authorship Profile Picture Has Been Removed from Search

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Google Authorship Update Starts a Class War


Don’t take a sledgehammer to your writing yet (image: weekofart.com)

At the end of 2013 I posted an article titled Bold SEO Predictions for 2014. Well it seems I have a penchant for fortune telling because within a few days of that release item #3, which stated that Google Authorship would start to get strict, began to come true. As we enter the third week of the new year it is now even more obvious that this move from Google has taken full effect. Webmasters from all corners of the world are reporting a partial loss of their beloved Authorship. “Partial” you ask? Yes. You see, up until a few weeks ago you either had Google Authorship connected to your content or you didn’t. Authorship as we knew it was evident when our Google+ profile photo and full name accompanied a search result link on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). Not only have studies shown that a higher click-thru-rate (CTR) accompanied results with “trustworthy” authors connected to the articles, it simply provided online content editors/writers with a sense that they were on the right track. Remember how good it felt the first time you saw your picture up there next to an article on Google Page One? But now, hoards of authors have lost their little photo, leaving only their name. Not all is lost, but it sure is a bummer, leaving many to wonder what happened and what, if anything, can they do about it?

What You Need to Know About the Google Authorship Update

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Why Your Website Needs a Google+ Author


Could you become the Mark Twain of Google content for your industry?

I recently posted an article on how businesses can develop a Brand Journalism strategy to enhance their online marketing efforts. In order to successfully execute a Brand Journalism strategy, or any content strategy, a business needs an author to champion the campaign. In particular, this person should be recognized by Google+ Authorship. Content created by someone with Google+ Authorship, as opposed to a run-of-the-mill anonymous “blogger”, can be attributed greater credibility in the eyes of Google. If the playing field is completely level, better organic rank will be given to the writer with established Google+ Authorship.

For example, let’s say you manage a real estate website and you produce weekly articles on the market for your region. You of course want your content to receive a better Google Search rank than those produced by your competitors. If all else is even, the articles produced by a writer with Google+ Authorship will come up before the rest in search. So how do you establish Google+ Authorship? It’s easy.


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