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How to Create Link Bait

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With the SEO world shuddering over the recent Google Update Penguin 2.0 many link builders now fear for their livelihood. Among Penguin 2.0’s targets are websites that appear to be partaking in questionably link building practices. The Google algorithm update will spend the summer slithering through the web identifying unnatural backlinks and stripping participating websites of their Page Rank.

The act of purchasing links on directories (especially ones not related to the industry of client website), trading links, buying online advertorials, and even guest posting anchor text heavy articles on submission sites will get you gonged off the stage. So what is a hapless website to do?

My advice? Create link bait. In essence, link bait refers to content that is interesting and engaging enough that it will be shared by others online (thus linking back to the original source – your website) without embarking on an extensive outward  link building campaign. The backlinks to a website that come from offering link bait are natural links – the kind of backlinks that Google LOVES and rewards websites for achieving.

6 Surefire Ways to Create Link Bait:

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The Eventful Summer: Google Update Penguin 2.0

The-Eventful-Summer-Google- Penguin-Update

Last week Matt Cutts announced the impending Google algorithm update Penguin 2.0. As usual, I waited the week to respond here while SEO’s frantically flooded online forums for days as if reporting on the arrival of Godzilla on their mainland metropolis. Now that the initial panic has subsided I figured it time to chime in on Penguin 2.0.

In simple form, Penguin is a Google web spam algorithm update that seeks to uncover “blackhat” SEO practices. While Google stresses that there is nothing to worry about for anyone managing a website under their guidelines of providing the best possible user experience, Matt Cutts is quoted as saying that an “eventful summer” is coming for those that do not. If you’re so much as exchanging conversations in blackhat forums you may indeed expect the arrival of Godzilla on your shores. For the rest of us doing the right thing, we’ll be riding the wave towards better Page Rank.

Are you in for an Eventful Summer? Find out by reviewing Penguin 2.0:

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