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Why Your Website Needs a Google+ Author


Could you become the Mark Twain of Google content for your industry?

I recently posted an article on how businesses can develop a Brand Journalism strategy to enhance their online marketing efforts. In order to successfully execute a Brand Journalism strategy, or any content strategy, a business needs an author to champion the campaign. In particular, this person should be recognized by Google+ Authorship. Content created by someone with Google+ Authorship, as opposed to a run-of-the-mill anonymous “blogger”, can be attributed greater credibility in the eyes of Google. If the playing field is completely level, better organic rank will be given to the writer with established Google+ Authorship.

For example, let’s say you manage a real estate website and you produce weekly articles on the market for your region. You of course want your content to receive a better Google Search rank than those produced by your competitors. If all else is even, the articles produced by a writer with Google+ Authorship will come up before the rest in search. So how do you establish Google+ Authorship? It’s easy.


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Why Google+ Is Better For You Than Facebook

Don’t worry about your new relationship with Google+, Facebook probably couldn’t find you anyways…

Facebook has 1 billion active users to date. Google+ hovers just above 100 million. This statistic leads many businesses to spend the bulk of their social networking time frequently updating their Facebook brand page and neglecting Google+. For many businesses Google+ brand page updates are often an afterthought, if thought of at all. If this sounds like your business you’ve dropped the ball with a resounding thud. Time to pick it up.

As a business would you rather brag about how many Facebook likes you have or silently enjoy the fact that you come up on Google page one for the keywords most relevant to your brand? Which do you think will have a greater impact on your ability to sell your product/service? That’s what this battle (so to speak) between Facebook and Google+ really comes down to – searchability. With respect to search implications, Google+ slaps Facebook like the bottom of a newborn baby.

Here’s why your business should post content linked to your website on Google+ first before Facebook, or anywhere else:

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