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How to Get More Followers on Your Google Plus Business Page – 10 Easy Tips


Google+ is a unique beast. It’s the social network that is not a social network. In one moment you’re hearing of its demise and in the next it is being heralded as the only social media outlet that has any true SEO value for a business. All of the above are apt except for the “demise” part, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Because of this confusion held by brands they understand little about whether or not they should dedicate resources to building their Google+ Page and if so, how to go about increasing their following. You should indeed be doing all that you can to grow your brand on Google+ and thankfully it is far easier to gain followers on Google+ than on the likes of Facebook, if you follow the steps detailed below.

10 Easy Tips to Getting More Followers on Your Google+ Business Page

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Google Plus Circles Put You Closer to Kevin Bacon

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The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon concept suggests that any two people on earth are within six links away from one another through acquaintances. The concept was created by a trio of college dorm roommates (undoubtedly after a few beverages) in the early 90’s and fast became a pop-culture phenomenon. I’ve tested the theory myself on many occasions and without fail it works. If one was to dive further down the rabbit-hole we could attribute the entire Social Networking model to this very concept and now, with the power of Google+, we are all that much closer to one another, Kevin Bacon included.

So what does this have to do with your website? Everything. I’ve been an adamant Google+ advocate on this blog since the beginning. From Google+ DoFollow links to Google Authorship everything that takes place on the Google+ platform impacts search. The most powerful component of it all involves Google Plus Circles.

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Google Plus Links DO Follow


There are times where I’m cautious in using this blog to talk about Google+. Even though Google+ now boasts approximately 350 million global users it is still without question one of the biggest untapped resources for SEOs and brands managing a website. My trepidation here is that I may spoil the party for myself and the select few that understand the power of Google+. I have had so many conversations with individuals in the “SEO business” that don’t even have a complete Google+ Profile and to be honest it makes me smirk inside as in “I know something you don’t know”. However, I have promised to use this website marketing blog for the greater good (I’m kind of like a superhero in that way) and so I have another tidbit to add to my constant promotion of Google+ as the ultimate SEO tool – Google+ links are DoFollow and they are indexed right away.

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Why Your Website Needs a Google+ Author


Could you become the Mark Twain of Google content for your industry?

I recently posted an article on how businesses can develop a Brand Journalism strategy to enhance their online marketing efforts. In order to successfully execute a Brand Journalism strategy, or any content strategy, a business needs an author to champion the campaign. In particular, this person should be recognized by Google+ Authorship. Content created by someone with Google+ Authorship, as opposed to a run-of-the-mill anonymous “blogger”, can be attributed greater credibility in the eyes of Google. If the playing field is completely level, better organic rank will be given to the writer with established Google+ Authorship.

For example, let’s say you manage a real estate website and you produce weekly articles on the market for your region. You of course want your content to receive a better Google Search rank than those produced by your competitors. If all else is even, the articles produced by a writer with Google+ Authorship will come up before the rest in search. So how do you establish Google+ Authorship? It’s easy.


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Google+ Shames Naysayers by Surpassing Twitter in Active Monthly Users



I browse the Search Engine Journal (SEJ) every morning when I step into the office. SEJ is an authoritative online source of “breaking news” in the world of Internet Marketing. Sometimes I’m able to grab some great tidbits of information that will help me better serve clients in their SEO and Social Media marketing strategies. Sometimes they provide me with inspiration for a new blog post. On this week in particular one of their contributors certainly provided me with some great fodder, but perhaps not in the manner that SEJ likely hoped for. It began with an infographic that was posted on SEJ titled R.I.P. – Top 10 Failed Social Media Sites. The infographic listed Google+ as one of these failures. I can tell you right this moment that this infographic is a FAIL in itself and by SEJ allowing it to be posted, even with the SEJ disclaimer “The views of contributors are their own, and not necessarily those of SEJ” is akin to a tabloid posting a blatantly false story about a celebrity while claiming no responsibility for it.

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Your New Year’s Internet Marketing Resolutions


All jokes aside, your WEB presence is essential to your better business resolutions for 2013

The New Year has begun and as 2012 passed the torch to 2013 many of you made resolutions not just as individuals but as businesses. While gym memberships may fall to the wayside after a month or two of well-intentioned efforts your business may not be able to recover by putting improvements off for another year. This is especially true when it comes to your website – the internet knows no time lag and every step forward that your website doesn’t take in fact results in a step back.

To make sure you start 2013 off on the right foot I thought I’d introduce your 5 New Year’s Internet Marketing Resolutions based on trends exploding in 2012 that are certain to carry over into the next annum and beyond:

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Why Google+ Is Better For You Than Facebook

Don’t worry about your new relationship with Google+, Facebook probably couldn’t find you anyways…

Facebook has 1 billion active users to date. Google+ hovers just above 100 million. This statistic leads many businesses to spend the bulk of their social networking time frequently updating their Facebook brand page and neglecting Google+. For many businesses Google+ brand page updates are often an afterthought, if thought of at all. If this sounds like your business you’ve dropped the ball with a resounding thud. Time to pick it up.

As a business would you rather brag about how many Facebook likes you have or silently enjoy the fact that you come up on Google page one for the keywords most relevant to your brand? Which do you think will have a greater impact on your ability to sell your product/service? That’s what this battle (so to speak) between Facebook and Google+ really comes down to – searchability. With respect to search implications, Google+ slaps Facebook like the bottom of a newborn baby.

Here’s why your business should post content linked to your website on Google+ first before Facebook, or anywhere else:

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Get the Google+ Mobile App ASAP

You’re on Google+ right? Good. You also have a brand page on Google+ too, correct? If you don’t this must be your first time reading this blog and if that’s the case then I suggest that you read no further before referring to the archived article “Why Your Business Must Be On Google+”. Be sure to come back when you’re done.

For those of you on the same page as me and millions of other brand page managers, it is important to remind ourselves to stay active on our Google+ brand pages as often as possible. However, since its inception, we have not been able to adequately update our Google+ brand pages away from our laptop or desktop. Sure we diligently downloaded the mobile app to our iPhones and Androids but if you’re like me, for months you poked around the apps interface searching for a way to update your brand page, to no avail. Even with my “pedigree” in social media tech I flat out assumed that I was missing something. Was I losing my touch? Fortunately not (yet). Google was the one who seemingly missed the boat by not offering brand page support for its app. This past week however Google+ finally updated it’s app to include this support.

This article details 5 reasons why you need to Get the Google+ App ASAP:

In addition to its capabilities, the Google+ mobile app for brands is the sexiest looking social network app around

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Why Your Business Must Be On Google+

Google+ has been receiving mixed reviews since it launched less than a year ago. Introduced as a Social Media tool, it felt nothing like one. As the months passed, changes were implemented almost weekly that steered Google+ more towards a familiar social media format, yet the inconsistent “message” of what it was all about kept many users at bay. Circles and the +1 confused more than a few and businesses were unsure about how to use brand pages as an effective tool to promote their product/service. So the question asks – should your business be active on Google+? Yes. Starting right now.

Today, May 31, Google Places was removed and replaced with Google+ Local Pages – a major leap for Google+ serving as another indicator that Google is making moves to further solidify its position as not only the dominant search engine, but as a priority for a business’ online social presence.

Below, we’ve created a 10 item list to explain why your business should place Google+ at the head of its social media marketing mix:

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