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Another Tiki Transaction Proves the Success of Instagram for Small Businesses

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Instagram for Small Businesses

Curious title, right? If you follow this internet marketing blog then you know that on random occasions I reference tiki mugs when advising SMBs on the practices of gaining customers through social networking. I have a bit of a collection going and so am always on the hunt for them, offline and online. As a consumer, authentic tiki mugs are a product quite relevant to me and as an online consumer I frequent the web to try and track this product down. Because tiki represents a very narrow niche market the process can be challenging. Sellers don’t exactly have well-optimized websites to solicit customers. These small business owners operate out of workshops and often take to social media to reach people, like me, who may be interested in their wares.

A few months ago I posted an article regarding hashtags that will help you sell your products on Instagram. Within the article I referenced a serendipitous series of events that added to my awesome collection, all of it starting with an Instagram post. Well a few weeks ago Instagram once again sparked a trilogy of consumer occurrences that absolutely have proven its effectiveness for small business looking to sell their products online. Today I am sharing that exact sequence so that you as a small business can envision how to make this photo-focused social network work for you.

A Case of How Three Small Businesses Used Instagram to Sell Their Niche Product

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5 Social Media Guidelines for Businesses to Use in the Seasonal Trifecta

Social Media Guidelines for Businesses During the Holidays

Content marketing for your social media profiles can be a cumbersome thing. You have to come up with new ideas on a weekly basis to accommodate the consumption habits of your audience. Thankfully, the arrival of autumn gives way to a slew of new content opportunities to immediately integrate into your social network marketing campaigns. I call it the seasonal trifecta of content marketing on social media. Feel free to spread the word.

This trifecta starts with Halloween (unless you operate in Canada where Thanksgiving comes first), transitions into Thanksgiving (Canadian brands should jump on this too), and peaks at the Holiday season (Christmas and New Year’s Eve). This “strategy” may seem like an obvious thing to state, however far too often businesses do not take proper advantage of any of the three on social media. They simply post a celebratory message on the day of the event (e.g. “Happy Halloween from our staff!“) using some free-download seasonal wallpaper image along with it. Sound familiar? This sort of cookie-cutter mentality won’t cut it in the highly competitive social media landscape of today. Embrace the end quarter of the year and all that it brings by taking full advantage of the social media marketing opportunities of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Holidays. Below are a few essential guidelines to help you do so.

5 Ways Your Business Can Master the Seasonal Trifecta of Content Marketing on Social Media

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Social Network Popularity Contest Prep for Your Brand During “Back to School” Week

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social network popularity contest

I launched the back to school week with an SEO and internet marketing recap for businesses but today we’re going to focus solely on social. If your brand is hoping to hang with the cool kids (your competition) this season or potentially lead the pack you will need to stay active on the social networks detailed below. By “active” I mean daily, and following the recommended best practices for each. You’ll need to commit if you want to take your brand out of band camp and into the prime position to win homecoming at prom.

5 Essential Social Networks for Keeping Your Brand Popular, and Relevant, in 2014 and Beyond

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How to Create a Hashtag for Your Business

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How to Create a Hashtag for Your Business

I was walking along a typical metropolitan city block the other day and noticed that nearly every other store had a common theme displayed on their window – a #hashtag. From cafes to boutique shops to big brands these businesses all crafted their own hashtags and proudly promoted them on their public facing storefront with the hopes that customers would take notice. The intent of course is to get them to use the hashtag when sharing a photo related to their recent consumer experience or purchase. In turn the business receives the exposure and the wheels of the social media marketing machine start turning.

Hashtags have indeed become the catalyst for brand success on Twitter and Instagram. It makes public users feel as if they are a part of an exclusive community (purveyors of the hashtag) within a greater community (Twitter and/or Instagram). People are using it to let friends/followers know that they’ve attended an event, bought an item they are excited about, and have had a great experience with a service of some sort. A brand created hashtag is an extremely effective tool used to engage your audience and have them serve as your champions, increasing brand exposure as a result. Don’t have one yet? Let’s get you started.

7 Steps to Creating a Successful Hashtag for Your Business to Use on Instagram and Twitter

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5 Photo-Editing Apps That Will Enhance Your Content Marketing Mix


Incorporating images into content has become an increasingly important part of online marketing for small to medium businesses who hope to be “heard” by customers amongst the noise of competitor campaigns. This blog has recently discussed the use of images as link bait and how they alone can spark a slew of blog ideas for your business’ website. The bottom line here is that photos are essential to your content mix. However, while most of you are not professional photographers, nor do you have one on the payroll, all is perfectly fine. All it takes is your mobile device and a few very effective (and easy to use) apps to edit and post images that will enhance your company’s online presence.

Enhance Your Business’ Content Marketing Strategy Through Photos by Using These Five Mobile Apps

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5 Post-Publishing Tips to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

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Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Last week I provided a few pre-publishing tips to help grow your brand on Instagram. This week serves as a follow up with some simple yet very specific methods to do the same immediately AFTER you’ve hit the “share” button on your most recent post. To summarize, it all comes down to your brand engaging others proactively, interacting with them, and having them return the favor, all within a brief window of opportunity. These tactics will work to immediately increase the likes on each post and ultimately serve to earn new followers and grow your brand profile accordingly.

5 Tips to Follow the Minute After You’ve Published a Photo on Instagram That Will Help Grow Your Likes and Brand Following

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5 Pre-Publishing Tips to Grow Your Brand Instagram Following

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Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram as a brand tool continues to grow in popularity as consumer habits on social networks such as Facebook (purchaser of Instagram) evidence the fact that users prefer content in the form of photos. However the process is not as simple as snapping and posting a picture while you step back and watch the likes and follows pile in, at least not in the beginning stages of your brand life on Instagram. Instead, content managers need all of the help that they can get if they are to see any success with this visually rich social network. Today I detail a few steps that you need to consider before  you hit the “share” button on your most recent brand post on Instagram.

5 Steps to Take Before Posting Pictures on Instagram that Will Help Grow Your Following

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5 Best Video Apps for Your Business


There is no doubt that video has become a major part of the online content marketing mix of many successful and socially connected businesses. The start of the summer alone has seen Facebook make a major update to better promote video on their network. Both Facebook and Google have been ramping up their push for video content because their internal studies indicate that users demand it, responding positively to brands that deliver engaging video. Many small to medium businesses understand this fact yet have deemed it not quite practical to hire a professional videographer or even invest in the equipment much less expensive editing software and/or services. However these methods are simply not necessary to start engaging your existing and prospective audience with video. All you need is your smartphone and tablet and you can install the following applications to begin making your branded mark with short film.

5 Best and Easy to Use Apps for Businesses Looking to Boost their Content Marketing Strategy with Video

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How to Use #ThrowbackThursday for Content Marketing on Social Media

ThrowbackThursday for Content Marketing on Social Media

Happy #ThrowbackThursday everyone! Yes, this long running phenomenon (in relative social media terms) has social networkers tossing out their awkward baby photos on Instagram and other photo sharing applications once per week. However businesses too have adopted the concept of returning to the “days of old” when it comes to their content marketing strategies. Because generating new ideas for your social media marketing is a tough task week in and out it is important to take advantage of every trend and opportunity. Thus on this day before TGIF I am providing you all with tips to using the concept of #ThrowbackThursday to market your business and or product/service online.

5 Ways to Use #ThrowbackThursday for Your Content Marketing on Social Networks

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Why Instagram Selfies Are Good For Your Brand’s Website


Whether a CEO, a franchise, a local eatery, or a growing real estate firm… (instagram)

This may be an unpopular opinion, but to me the selfie (in itself) is the lowest form of social media interaction. So when I found out that a recent Georgia Tech study evidenced that Instagram posts with faces (not just selfies mind you) prominently featured in them received 38% more “likes” I was a little surprised. Just a little.

You see, I already knew this to be true, just not to the reported extent. I love Instagram. I spend at least 30 minutes a day on it, and have even posted on the subject on how Instagram hashtags can help your business very recently. On numerous occasions I’ll post subject-matter photos (scenery, attractions, etc…) of my travels that I am certain rival National Geographic’s best landscape work only to have the “likes” trickle in like a slow leaky faucet that keeps you up at night. Once in awhile however I put aside my modesty and throw a photo of the exact same scenery, using the exact same hashtags, but with yours truly standing in front of it. All of a sudden that faucet of “likes” goes from a drip to a steady flow. While I would like to think that it’s my parents’ genetics that resulted in this boost in social media engagement the credit cannot go to them. Instead this is the nature of users on social media – they connect better to posts that have that personal touch, regardless the mug  staring at them.

Many businesses fail to see how this 38% increase in engagement relates to them as a company but I can safely say that it impacts you (business owner) even more than the general public. Brands desperately need to convey personality on social media far more than an individual ever could. Thus in today’s blog post I tell you how you can use the concept of the Instagram selfie to not only grow your social network presence but to attract business.

How to Use Faces on Your Brand’s Instagram Profile to Attract Customers

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