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What a Balanced Link Profile Should Look Like in 2015

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Balanced Link Profile

Link building for your website gets trickier with each passing year and each Penguin algorithm update. The tough part, is that even if you have been abiding by Google’s mandate to acquire links naturally, performing completely ethical webmaster outreach to secure backlinks for your site, you may still put yourself in harm’s way (if you’re not doing it right). Penguin seems to get more sensitive as it grows and refreshes. While it appears to be making improvements, this sensitivity can even hurt websites that have not bought into any link schemes whatsoever. With the algorithm expected to update more often in the future, online businesses need to be extra cautious when it comes to building “natural” links. Today I’m providing you with some honest advice on how to tread lightly when securing links around Google’s algorithm, making sure that your website remains safe and SEO-prosperous in 2015.

5 Best Practices for Balancing Your Website’s Backlink Profile in 2015 and Beyond

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Review a Business to Get them to Link to Your Site

Last week I posted an article about how to get natural backlinks to your website by proactively identifying target sites and customizing your content for them. However to keep things succinct I had to leave out one of the most effective natural link building strategies that I’ve used for clients to date – reviewing other businesses.

Many of you have been so focused on receiving online reviews yourselves that you could have never anticipated this strategy. The suggestion alone appears to make no sense. You’re not Yelp, TripAdvisor, or any other inherent curator of online business reviews. You own a business. You depend on reviews. I must be pulling your leg, right?
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How to Create Link Bait

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With the SEO world shuddering over the recent Google Update Penguin 2.0 many link builders now fear for their livelihood. Among Penguin 2.0’s targets are websites that appear to be partaking in questionably link building practices. The Google algorithm update will spend the summer slithering through the web identifying unnatural backlinks and stripping participating websites of their Page Rank.

The act of purchasing links on directories (especially ones not related to the industry of client website), trading links, buying online advertorials, and even guest posting anchor text heavy articles on submission sites will get you gonged off the stage. So what is a hapless website to do?

My advice? Create link bait. In essence, link bait refers to content that is interesting and engaging enough that it will be shared by others online (thus linking back to the original source – your website) without embarking on an extensive outward  link building campaign. The backlinks to a website that come from offering link bait are natural links – the kind of backlinks that Google LOVES and rewards websites for achieving.

6 Surefire Ways to Create Link Bait:

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