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What is Link Scheme? How to Identify, and Avoid, a Link Buy

What is a Link Scheme

It won’t always be this obvious…

A link scheme includes any method used to unnaturally manipulate the Google algorithm known as PageRank. PageRank, in essence, factors in the number of quality links (from other websites) that you have pointing towards your site. The higher the number of quality links, the better your website performs on Google search. For years shady online marketers known as “black hat SEOs” have been promising clients Google Page One glory through the purchase of links. Google of course has publically denounced this practice and vowed to condemn any website that has reaped, or attempted to reap, the rewards of improved PageRank via unnatural link building. While any webmaster that has done so with full knowledge of this practice garners what they sow, there are many “innocents” falling to Google penalties because they did not realize they were a part of a link scheme. It is not always an obvious “link in direct exchange for money” transaction. To help you avoid link schemes in the future I have put together this list of what to look out for, and avoid.

6 Ways to Identify a Link Scheme so that you Know When to Avoid them for the Safety of your Website

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