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5 Ways to Machete Your Bad Backlink Profile

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Outsourcing links in foreign lands is one way to build a bad backlink profile. Time to cut them loose!

I’m not having flashbacks of cutting through sugar cane fields nor making reference to Jason Voorhees when using “machete” as a analogous tool to cutting off your bad backlinks. I’m actually quoting Matt Cutts (Google) in a forum discussion response to a recent Google algorithm change that targeted websites (with a drop in search rank) that have poor quality / gamed links pointing to them. This measure has become and will continue to be the standard for which websites will be judged in the future. If you have questionable links to your website from questionable websites your online future is in question.

So how does a business owner managing a website with no SEO experience fix this problem that may have been created by ill advised online marketing practices? First you’ll want to punch your website URL into OpenSiteExplorer.org or the more simplified ranksignals.com to view a list of inbound links and associated anchor text to identify poor quality links. After that, follow my advice below.

5 Ways to Remove Bad Links Pointing to Your Website:

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