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Local SEO Ranking Factors 2014 – What Businesses Need to Know

Local SEO Ranking Factors 2014

SEO Moz released their 2014 Local Search Ranking Factors Report this week. You can either refer to the document and attempt to pick out the pieces most relevant to your local business website needs or simply read further for a succinct summary. Thanks for sticking around.

There were honestly no big surprises buried within this year’s report, yet the consistency of ranking factors from last year to this one holds implications all on its own. More importantly, the report speaks to the necessity of optimizing your website specifically for your localized needs. Let’s take a look at the data and delve into how you as a local business owner can apply this information to your SEO strategy.

5 Ways That Your Local Business Website Needs to Respond and Adapt to the October 2014 Local SEO Ranking Factors Report

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10 Item Local SEO Checklist for 2015

local seo checklist for 2015

Understanding how to optimize your local business’ website to capture local search will be instrumental to your online success more than ever before next year. While such a statement may seem obvious far too many local sites are optimized for general search, bringing in unqualified traffic that is located nowhere near their place of businesses. Your SEO strategy needs to be more concentrated, focused, and customized to the unique behaviors of your region. By going through this ten point list, and applying the advice found within each item, you’ll be prepared to party like it’s already 2015 while your local competition scrambles to set their SEO resolutions three months from now.

10 Things to Do to Make Sure Your Local Business Website is Ready for SEO in 2015

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How to Master Local Content Marketing

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Local Content Marketing

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Your local businesses should not be attempting to play the big brand game when it comes to content marketing. Your strategy needs to more focused, directed at your region and customers that reside within it. Everything that you create for your content marketing mix should have a laser beam like focus so that it sends a very clear message to search engines that YOU are the online authority for your industry in YOUR locale. Such a thing has become important more than ever before in light of the recent Google Pigeon algorithm update. If you run a local business now is the time to become the consummate know-it-all of your territory so that Google has no choice but to display you on their search engine results page (SERP) towards the top of the pile. Follow the steps below and you’ll get there.

5 Steps Towards Mastering the Art of Content Marketing for Your Local Business

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Google Local Search Algorithm Update – How to Make Pigeon Like Your Business

google-local-algorithm-update-pigeonGoogle recently launched a local search algorithm update. Since Google has taken a “no comment” stance on this update the industry was quick to give it the nickname Pigeon. The nickname seems somewhat apt for two reasons – Google likes to give their scary algorithm updates cutesy animal names AND according to sources the update has served to crap on some  local businesses. Apt indeed. The verdict is still somewhat out on this algorithm update but there are implications for small to medium businesses with a local brick and mortar. Let’s take a look.

5 Steps Your Local Business Needs to Take to Accommodate the Google Local Search Algorithm Update Pigeon

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6 Things Surfing Taught Me About SEO for a Local Business

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Professionals have been applying the philosophies of sport and leisure to the act of running a successful business since the very first hut opened its doors to customers. In the world of online marketing I’ve heard analagous explanations that compare the likes of chess, golf, and football to what we do. While I don’t play either one of the aforementioned I do surf. As a lifestyle sport that has its participants bobbing up and down on the ocean for hours on end it leaves you with plenty of time to think. During a recent session as I waited out a lull in the swell my mind drifted to the office (as it shouldn’t) and I connected the dots as to how surfing has not only impacted my philosophies on life in general, but also with respect to this industry of search engine optimization. Too far reaching? Not at all. Read below to find out how the philosophies of this lifestyle sport apply directly to your website marketing strategies.

6 Ways Surfing Can Teach You How to Manage Your SEO & Website Expectations

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Is Your Local SEO Optimization in Order?


For businesses that cater to a physical location Search Engine Optimization takes on a completely different meaning. Local SEO is the determining factor to their online success and without clearly defined instruction on how to achieve it many storefronts are left with “For Lease” signs dangling from their windows months after opening. In an effort to support these small to medium drivers of local economies I thought I’d provide a quick easy-to-follow checklist to ensure that their Local SEO is on point and pointing customers to their place of business.

8 Steps to Local SEO Optimization:

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