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The Benefits of a Responsive Website Design

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Now that smartphones are just as sophisticated and powerful as many laptop computers, the days of dedicated mobile websites are over. Instead, one code can be used to create a website that looks great on multiple platforms. Called “responsive design,” this approach lets developers create a flexible website that automatically adjusts to the screen and environment it is displayed on. Responsive design offers major advantages compared to other methods of accommodating multiple devices. Here is why: Read more on The Benefits of a Responsive Website Design

SoLoMo – How It’s Helping Local Businesses

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Maybe you’ve heard the term SoLoMo before, or maybe you’re wondering what this silly sounding acronym means. SoLoMo stands for social-local-mobile and refers to the integration of platforms from these three entities.

As the popularity of smartphones and tablets emerged, so did the idea for SoLoMo. Since smartphones now use geo-location technology, the logical next step was to take advantage of that fact and work to create more accurate local search engine results that can be viewed directly from your phone. So let’s take a deeper look into SoLoMo and see how you can use it for your individual business.

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How Far Will Mobile Marketing Go in 2015?

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2015 may be the year that mobile marketing becomes the most important focus for brands.

Mobile devices grant users instant access to the information they need. They are also increasingly adding functionality for people to shop, buy or interact with brands they care about. This technology is only set to become more functional and seamlessly integrated with the user over time.

As mobile technology becomes progressively more embedded in the way people do business and interact with each other, ignoring its importance will likely leave your brand in the dust.

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Get the Google+ Mobile App ASAP

You’re on Google+ right? Good. You also have a brand page on Google+ too, correct? If you don’t this must be your first time reading this blog and if that’s the case then I suggest that you read no further before referring to the archived article “Why Your Business Must Be On Google+”. Be sure to come back when you’re done.

For those of you on the same page as me and millions of other brand page managers, it is important to remind ourselves to stay active on our Google+ brand pages as often as possible. However, since its inception, we have not been able to adequately update our Google+ brand pages away from our laptop or desktop. Sure we diligently downloaded the mobile app to our iPhones and Androids but if you’re like me, for months you poked around the apps interface searching for a way to update your brand page, to no avail. Even with my “pedigree” in social media tech I flat out assumed that I was missing something. Was I losing my touch? Fortunately not (yet). Google was the one who seemingly missed the boat by not offering brand page support for its app. This past week however Google+ finally updated it’s app to include this support.

This article details 5 reasons why you need to Get the Google+ App ASAP:

In addition to its capabilities, the Google+ mobile app for brands is the sexiest looking social network app around

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Shoppers Are Mobilizing, Are You Selling?

This week Mark Zuckerburg humbly (or in a ploy to appear more human) announced that for all of Facebook’s successes, they failed to do one thing right over the past two years – focus on mobile optimization.

While Facebook’s relatively simplistic interface has been fairly easy to navigate from the comforts of a desktop their mobile versions have been lacking. The last few months have seen Facebook scrambling to improve the mobile experience. Anyone who has upgraded their iPhone or Android Facebook app this month has seen a dramatic improvement to speed, functionality, and usability. Timeline for brand pages on Facebook was buried on mobile until the tail end of summer. Now you can see your brand page’s Timeline (e.g. cover image) in action, causing Social Media content marketers who know that half of their target audience is on mobile to sigh in relief.

Even a Giant Like Facebook Underestimated the Importance of Putting Facebook on the Street as Fast as Possible

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Why Your Website Should Go Mobile

I was riding public transit the other day. I glanced up after sending an email from my iPhone and saw passengers toiling away either on their Apple, Android, or Blackberry device. There wasn’t a newspaper in sight.

After disembarking I entered a café for a quick latte and witnessed tables full of patrons on iPads and various tablets without one laptop in the vicinity. I made my way from the café and entered my building where I hopped on the elevator with others. As soon as the doors closed we bowed their heads (as if we had entered sacred ground) to scroll through our smartphones to pass the seconds it took to arrive at our respective floors. An hour later, in the gym, my cardio session was distracted by fellow fitness enthusiasts who perched themselves on treadmills and stationary bikes, not clutching bottles of water, but mobile internet devices.

The revolution has not been televised, it has gone mobile.

However, it’s not too late to join the party. There are over 5 billion mobile subscribers in the world to date and many of them are accessing the internet primarily through their smartphones and tablets. By 2015, it is projected that over 50% of off ALL online traffic will come from mobile devices. You have time to get on board. We have provided some additional evidence here, as to why your business should have a mobile website:

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