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3 Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Online Ads

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Online display ads and targeted ads like Google’s AdWords can offer a fairly handsome return on investment — presuming, of course, they are done right. Your goal with the ads is to not just get views, but to get a high rate of clicks per view. This metric is called your click through rate (CTR), and it is measured by simply dividing your number of clicks by the number of views.

Increasing your CTR involves getting a feel for your market over time. Every business offers something different to a consumer, and establishing how you communicate your unique product and values to audiences will be a skill you continue honing for years. To help you get started, here are some general tips that almost always increase CTR: Read more on 3 Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Online Ads

How Many Ads Is Too Many – Does Your Website Violate the Page Layout Algorithm?

How Many Ads is Too Many - Page Layout Algorithm

This article goes out to topical content creators, online businesses promoting partner products/services on their site, affiliates, and all other webmasters hoping to earn revenue/commissions from ad space on their domain/s. Do you have too many ads on your site? More importantly, does Google think that you do?

Two years ago Google updated their Page Layout algorithm. They followed it up with another update this year to further hammer home the point that webmasters need to better consider user experience. That means eclipsing all ambition to simply manage a revenue generating machine that basically does nothing more than bait searchers with content then immediately push products/services on them via ads. These ads can come in the form of traditional banners, pop-ups, and in-text links. Now keep in mind that Google is not against capitalism by any means (quite the contrary). Their Page Layout algorithm serves webmasters just as well. Too many ads equal sky-high bounce rates which negatively impacts SEO and subsequently kicks webmasters where it hurts most – with a big drop in ad revenue and commissions. Concerned that your site may fall within the above category? Read further to learn more.

How to Tell if Your Site Has Too Many Ads and Violates the Page Layout Algorithm

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