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5 Qualities of a Good SEO Company

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5 Qualities of a Good SEO Company

I have written a few articles on “what to watch out for” when dealing with internet marketing providers. These posts, including a detailed one on the SEO mafia, intend to help brands and businesses identify areas of concern with their existing or prospective SEO team. Well today, it seems that the spirit of the season (it’s Thanksgiving in the US today) has me giving thanks for those in the industry that indeed do right by their clients day in and day out. Thus, I’ve decided to offer you a glimpse of what a great SEO company looks like. Chances are as the new year nears your business will be making big decisions in regards to how it will move forward with their online marketing plan, so please consider this a little nudge in the right direction as you prepare for the annum ahead. Read further to find out what to look for when choosing an SEO for your brand.

Five Positive Traits to Look for When Selecting an SEO to Manage Your Online Marketing Plan

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How to SEO a Contact Page in 5 Easy Steps

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How to SEO a Contact Page

I often find myself feeling sorry for the contact page of a website. It goes tucked unnoticed into the far right corner of a site navigation menu, or worse, placed in small font in the footer. Its title rarely varies from “Contact” or “Contact Us” and it doesn’t get decorated with graphics, video, or receive any other adornment that the other pages of a supposed search engine optimized website do. The contact page simply put, is neglected. However, for businesses, especially local ones, this page can be a valuable resource page that complements an entire SEO strategy. Today I provide you with some easy to follow advice to fully optimize your website’s contact page.

5 Ways to Search Engine Optimize the Contact Page of Your Website

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Local SEO Ranking Factors 2014 – What Businesses Need to Know

Local SEO Ranking Factors 2014

SEO Moz released their 2014 Local Search Ranking Factors Report this week. You can either refer to the document and attempt to pick out the pieces most relevant to your local business website needs or simply read further for a succinct summary. Thanks for sticking around.

There were honestly no big surprises buried within this year’s report, yet the consistency of ranking factors from last year to this one holds implications all on its own. More importantly, the report speaks to the necessity of optimizing your website specifically for your localized needs. Let’s take a look at the data and delve into how you as a local business owner can apply this information to your SEO strategy.

5 Ways That Your Local Business Website Needs to Respond and Adapt to the October 2014 Local SEO Ranking Factors Report

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10 Item Local SEO Checklist for 2015

local seo checklist for 2015

Understanding how to optimize your local business’ website to capture local search will be instrumental to your online success more than ever before next year. While such a statement may seem obvious far too many local sites are optimized for general search, bringing in unqualified traffic that is located nowhere near their place of businesses. Your SEO strategy needs to be more concentrated, focused, and customized to the unique behaviors of your region. By going through this ten point list, and applying the advice found within each item, you’ll be prepared to party like it’s already 2015 while your local competition scrambles to set their SEO resolutions three months from now.

10 Things to Do to Make Sure Your Local Business Website is Ready for SEO in 2015

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5 Parental Expressions Applicable to SEO for Your Business

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Common SEO Analogies

image: Leave it to Beaver, Wikipedia Commons via Universal Studios Home Entertainment

We’ve all grown up with it to some extent. Our parents and grandparents would repeat certain phrases when doling out life advice or while chastising us for something we’ve done wrong. Many of us received a double whammy when we arrived at school, with teachers repeating the same. At the time these expressions induced little more than eye rolling. However as we’ve grown older we know them all to rein true, and have caught ourselves stating them to our own children or to subordinates in the boardroom. Today I’m going to wear that hat and take it one step further by applying a few popular phrases from days’ past that apply directly to your website’s search engine optimization efforts. Sorry.

5 Common Expressions That Help Explain the State of SEO Strategy for Your Website

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5 Easy Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate


Stop the bounce, today

So you’re happy with your website traffic. Your existing internet marketing strategy seems to be raking in visitors and yet you have no increase in page views or customer acquisition. What’s going on? Well, one look into your Google Analytics will likely show that the bounce rate for these high traffic pages averages above 70%. So even though thousands of visitors have arrived on various pages of your site, something, or a lack of something, is making them leave as quickly as they came. This is one of the most common problems for website managers yet very few know how to fix it. Today I will address a few easy to follow steps to reduce your bounce rate so that visitors go deeper into your website, allowing you the opportunity to turn them into customers.

5 Ways to Lower the Bounce Rate on Your Website

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2013 Internet Marketing Checklist to Prepare for the Holiday Season


No matter your business the holiday season is likely a great time of the year for you to capitalize on the spending habits of your customer base. Wallets are open as Cyber Monday of 2013 approaches and the behavior will likely continue until the end of Boxing Week. Analysts at Adobe Digital Index are predicting that this December 3 (Cyber Monday) will be the biggest online shopping one day haul of all time. With more and more customers taking to online shopping and pre-purchase research website managers are scrambling to prepare for the onslaught of digital consumers, hoping to get a step ahead of their competitors. Whether you sell a product or service your website’s ability to attract and convert will dictate your success. Thus, in the giving spirit of the season I have laid out a checklist of essentials that your online marketing campaign needs to have in order to make the most of the big holiday spend. Make note of this list, check it twice, and I guarantee your sales won’t be naughty, just nice.

Website Marketing Checklist for the 2013 Holiday Season

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How to Write Meta Descriptions to Encourage Customers to Click

How-to-Write-Meta-Descriptions-for-Tiki-MugsThis item could have been missed if it weren’t for a well written meta-description. Tragedy averted.

Meta-descriptions, that little snippet of information that displays in black & white below the title/URL listed on a search engine results page (SERP), is often ignored by those publishing a page or post on their website. However it is not ignored by the public. In fact, it can drastically impact the click-through rate of a search result. Because of this, it is important to understand how to write meta-descriptions in an optimized manner so that all of your hard fought SEO work to get on Google page one is not done in vain.

For example, the other day I was hoping to complete my “man cave” decor by performing an online search (with intent to purchase) for “tiki mugs for sale”. I received the following results:

Tiki Mugs

Tiki Mugs 4

Tiki Mugs 2

Now statistically I am supposed to click-through to the first result, given that the 1st position garners 33% of the traffic share, the 2nd receives 18%, and the 3rd with 11%, while the rest spiral into the abyss after that. But I didn’t click ooga-mooga.com or myriahsbazaar.com. Instead my eyes scanned down to the 3rd. Take notice of the meta-description “Manufacturer of Tiki Mugs and other Fine Collectible Tiki and Polynesian Related Decor, Carvings and Ceramics Since 2000“. The first one pulled an individual product description from its webpage, the second is an absolute mess, while the third was succinct and to the point. I’m a busy guy, so I selected the result that appeared to answer my query best. Perhaps the first or second offered a better selection at a better price, but they did not get the chance to do so because I visited tikifarm.com, found a mug I liked, “added to cart”, and entered my credit card information. Tiki Farm made a sale because they wrote an apt meta-description. Today, I tell you how to do the same.

5 Ways to Optimize Meta Descriptions to Maximize Customer Click-Throughs

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Google Declares War on Websites Without Great Content – Here’s Proof

The best SEO Services in Vancouver, including social media and content development

Google has sent a very clear message with every move they have made over the last few months – websites that refuse to update frequently with content useful and relevant to their scope of business will turn up MIA on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Sure they’ve been not-so-subtly hinting at this for years, but many websites continued to dominate search for keywords based upon past domain authority and old school SEO tactics, and thus didn’t take Google’s warnings all that serious. But now Google has turned its product into a Weapon of Mass Destruction for any website that doesn’t deliver what the citizens of the world wide web demand – content. Are you still in doubt? Think that the threats are empty? Perhaps it’s time to look at the facts of what’s occurred in the second half of 2013.

4 Facts Proving Google is Taking a No Tolerance Policy for Those that Won’t Deliver Content

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Guest Blogging Guidelines for 2014

Google Watches Guest Post Guidelines Are Followed

Guests are welcome, but remember, Google is watching…

Once again in the unfortunate world of SEO we’re swamped with viral reports every time Google’s Matt Cutts releases a video on YouTube. He’s our apparent version of a kitten riding a Roomba, minus the cute and entertaining factor. This week he responded to a user query “How can I guest blog without it appearing as if I paid for links?” This of course prompted SEOs to post articles summarizing the response. Instead of providing a word for word recap littered with Matt quotes I figured I’d directly answer your concerns regarding the tactic of guest blogging to secure backlinks and/or brand exposure for your website in the future.

5 Guidelines to Follow When Guest Blogging

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