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5 Parental Expressions That Can Be Applied to Your Brand’s Social Media Management

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I started this week’s blog run off with an article about common age-old phrases often used by our parents in the past that can be applied to your SEO campaign. Today I follow up in the same vein for the benefit of better understanding the concepts of social media marketing.

5 Popular Expressions and Phrases Often Used by Parents That Can Be Applied to Your Brand’s Social Media Management

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Learn from Your 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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Are you making this mistake…?

Social media management remains to be one of the biggest mysteries for businesses. While there are many “best practices” articles out there to guide social networking for brands many companies continue to fall into a cycle of bad habits or absolute neglect, wasting resources on ineffective campaigns. The only way to truly fix this is to look at what you may been doing wrong. This article details five common mistakes that businesses make in social media so that you can identify if your internet marketing team is guilty of any of them, allowing you to make positive adjustments moving forward.

5 Mistakes Your Brand May be Making on Social Media

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What the Super Bowl Can Teach Your Business About Social Media Marketing

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The Super Bowl has long been the biggest TV marketing opportunity of the entire year for big brands. Over the last couple of years this annual sporting event has meant big business for internet marketing as well, in particular for brands active on social media channels. This is no secret. So what does this have to do with your small to medium business with a marketing budget and social media following that isn’t even in the same league as the brands you will see flooding the web on Super Bowl Sunday? Let’s look at couple of recent examples to see how they translate to your day to day social network marketing initiatives.

What Your Business Can Learn from Super Bowl Social Media Marketing

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Google Plus Links DO Follow


There are times where I’m cautious in using this blog to talk about Google+. Even though Google+ now boasts approximately 350 million global users it is still without question one of the biggest untapped resources for SEOs and brands managing a website. My trepidation here is that I may spoil the party for myself and the select few that understand the power of Google+. I have had so many conversations with individuals in the “SEO business” that don’t even have a complete Google+ Profile and to be honest it makes me smirk inside as in “I know something you don’t know”. However, I have promised to use this website marketing blog for the greater good (I’m kind of like a superhero in that way) and so I have another tidbit to add to my constant promotion of Google+ as the ultimate SEO tool – Google+ links are DoFollow and they are indexed right away.

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Facebook Changes Game, Makes My Posts Obsolete


Facebook is starting to really irritate me, but not in the manner that you may think. I have no issues with them regarding privacy (I fully understand that the internet is written in ink). I don’t have a problem with seeing Sponsored Stories or other ads in my News Feed (I never once assumed they created the social network just “for kicks” or to negate the concept of high school reunions). Neither do I find adjusting to their ever-changing interface all that complicated (everything has a learning curve). What I have a problem with, is that they are making my past content chastising Facebook completely obsolete.

It all starts with my Google+ is better than Facebook post from a few months ago in 2012. I was proud to make that bold statement. I forwarded it to everyone on my client list, knowing that they would guffaw at the title, read further to learn more, and then sing my praises as the social network messiah for providing them with such a display of avant-garde knowledge.

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The End of Broadcasting, Please


Brand broadcasting is a thing of the past. Flip the switch to engaging consumers instead.

Every morning I scroll through a mile long feed of Tweets and Posts in search of something relevant to my own little world. All of us Social Networkers do. My line of vision skips passed an onslaught of statements (“The best…”), directions (“How to…”), and direct orders (“Click to view…”) in order to finally land my retina on something that catches my attention. Too often I find nothing.

The continuing problem with brand activity on Social Media is that 99% of the effort is spent broadcasting. Broadcasting on Social Media involves a brand simply providing statements, directions, and orders to anyone who will listen. Brands are basically shouting at the public, Followers included. Broadcasting on Social Media is ineffective. It creates an empty cavern instead of a captivated audience and that’s why the only thing most brands will hear in return is an echo, nothing more.


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Facebook Considering Using Hashtags on Facebook, is Not a Story


I usually wait one day before reacting to “news” about anything related to Social Networking. The reason? I like to see the online world get worked up into a frenzy and then base my own reaction on THAT. So when Facebook announced yesterday that they are going to work on incorporating the #Hashtag with their search algorithm I kicked back and watched the flurry.

Of course the comment boards of those analysts and bloggers delivering the “news” lit up with concern over how this may negatively impact the user experience on Facebook. Today, I have a newsflash – it won’t.

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Facebook Upgrades News Feed to Filter Content & Enhance Experience


The Facebook News Feed bores me. This is often the case because for the most part my Friends and the Facebook Pages that I follow neglect to use a proper mix of media (photos, videos, and links) when posting daily on Facebook. Maybe I just need new Friends?

Too often what I see when I scroll down the Facebook News Feed is the same thing – a profile picture on the left with a lot of white space in the middle where I assume the profile’s owner has written some text about what they ate for lunch. Only when “someone”, often one of the more engaging Brand Pages, uses an eye catching Instagram photo do I bother to take notice, at which point I am far more likely to Like and Share the post. Otherwise I abandon my News Feed visit faster than I would a porta-potty at Coachella.

Today this fleeting experience may have changed forever.

Facebook finally announced an upgrade to their News Feed. The keyword thrown around in this morning’s Press Conference was “Personalized Newspaper”. This upgrade allows users to filter the News Feed that they are exposed to. From now on users can decide which types of streams (e.g. photos from Friends only) they want to see. In addition, the posts will be richer and more engaging. There are many implications at play for Brand Page content managers but the purpose of today’s article is to first of all let you know what these changes are.

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Instagram. Will You Make it 100 Million + 1?


This week Instagram founder Kevin Systrom announced that Instagram has now reached a milestone 100 million monthly users. Remember back in December when they changed their Terms of Service and droves of users jumped on Social Media exclaiming that they would be shutting down their Instagram accounts? Rolling my eyes I responded with an article titled Why You’ll Still Be On Instagram. Don’t worry I’m not here to gloat. I was only stating the obvious.

Yes, Instagram remained strong and today continues to gain feverous momentum. Yet many businesses have yet to adopt Instagram as a part of their Social Networking strategy. Now the last thing any of us Instagram users want to see, myself included, is a slew of businesses polluting the waters of this addictive image sharing pool. But if done right, a brand on Instagram can be just as engaging as any bowtie wearing hipster with a daily penchant for shooting their morning cafe macchiato with a Hunter S. Thompson book conspicuously in the background.

Here are 10 tips for brands entering the picture sharing world of Instagram:

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Google+ Shames Naysayers by Surpassing Twitter in Active Monthly Users



I browse the Search Engine Journal (SEJ) every morning when I step into the office. SEJ is an authoritative online source of “breaking news” in the world of Internet Marketing. Sometimes I’m able to grab some great tidbits of information that will help me better serve clients in their SEO and Social Media marketing strategies. Sometimes they provide me with inspiration for a new blog post. On this week in particular one of their contributors certainly provided me with some great fodder, but perhaps not in the manner that SEJ likely hoped for. It began with an infographic that was posted on SEJ titled R.I.P. – Top 10 Failed Social Media Sites. The infographic listed Google+ as one of these failures. I can tell you right this moment that this infographic is a FAIL in itself and by SEJ allowing it to be posted, even with the SEJ disclaimer “The views of contributors are their own, and not necessarily those of SEJ” is akin to a tabloid posting a blatantly false story about a celebrity while claiming no responsibility for it.

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