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The Benefits of a Responsive Website Design

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Now that smartphones are just as sophisticated and powerful as many laptop computers, the days of dedicated mobile websites are over. Instead, one code can be used to create a website that looks great on multiple platforms. Called “responsive design,” this approach lets developers create a flexible website that automatically adjusts to the screen and environment it is displayed on. Responsive design offers major advantages compared to other methods of accommodating multiple devices. Here is why: Read more on The Benefits of a Responsive Website Design

How Social Media Can Boost Customer Loyalty

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Social media can be more than just a venue to publish photos of babies and cats. Brands seeking a stronger online presence can leverage social media to increase affinity and, eventually, loyalty. This effect can be possible because loyalty has as much to do with engagement as it does having high opinions of a brand. When brands give consumers more opportunities to engage with them, they can create lasting bonds that promote consistent purchasing and brand evangelism.

Not every approach works, though. You have to have a carefully-refined digital content strategy and social media marketing strategy working in unison. Here are some ways that brands are capturing an online social media audience and converting their engagement into loyalty: Read more on How Social Media Can Boost Customer Loyalty

How to Make Email Marketing Effective

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Sending Emails

Email marketing is a term used to describe the strategy of using email to relay important messages, promotions, updates and tips to willing recipients. Although it’s not as popular as content marketing strategies, email marketing is great for nurturing prospects and existing customers.

Thanks to spammers, email marketing has seen a lot of abuse in recent years. Luckily, there are new and improved ways to block these spammers. But it can still be a challenge to get messages through to clients. The following guideline will help you to make the most of the speed and convenience associated with email marketing.

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Creating an Ideal Marketing Video

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laptop computer with video on screen

Streaming video is the latest trend for online marketing — and for good reason. It engages the viewer on a level that static photos and text do not. It builds excitement and increases understanding of your product. The strength of a great marketing video is not a surprise to many businesses. Still, creating a good and strong video is a secret that eludes many. Here are some tips for creating the perfect marketing video for your internet campaign.

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Top Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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Handing Over the House Keys in Front of a Beautiful New Home.

The real estate market in 2015 is looking up, but is also looking extremely competitive. Real estate agents need every angle they can leverage to build strong business. Keeping visible is the key to success in this industry. Choosing the right tools and making the right approach to marketing your business can make the difference between sales and struggling. Here are some top marketing ideas for real estate agents.

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8 Ways Your Website Could Be Killing Your Business

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depressed business man

In an increasingly virtual world, your website is one of the most important components of your business. A good business website experience is as vital as having a presentable space and friendly staff at your business office or brick-and-mortar store.

Imagine if someone walked into your office and there were papers, folders and trash littering the reception area. Also imagine if they asked your receptionist a question and she was rude or, worse, completely ignored them.

A bad user experience on your website is almost the exact same thing. First impressions count, so if your website is unhelpful or carelessly done, then potential customers and business partners may think that this is how you approach all aspects of your business.

To make your virtual office as impressive as your real one, watch out for the following 8 common blunders business websites make:

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Internet & Website Marketing, What Do You Do?

Many internet marketing agencies promise you and your business that they will provide amazing results, but provide vague answers on just how they intend to this. Many often fail to deliver on these promises. We have compiled a general list of the tasks we will perform in order to guarantee a successful internet marketing campaign.

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10 Techniques for Increasing Traffic to Your Website

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We’ve already briefly talked about some ways to get your website noticed on the internet. In this post we’d like to get a little deeper into the matter.

1.First of all, no matter how well your website is designed and up to current standards, if you don’t have the content to attract visitors then your website will fall back into the pile. You need to make sure to keep up with other blogs and websites that might be related to your business or area of interest. Keep information flowing because it gets old on the internet very fast.

2.You can involve yourself more with your visitors by creating contact forms, comment forms, live chats and forums on your website. If you know what your audience and clients want then it will be much easier for you to improve your website and your business in general.

3. Don’t be just an observer.  Take part of the community by leaving comments on other people’s blogs. Many times you can leave your contact info and website information.

4. Create Newsletters and let your customers know when exciting features come up.

5. Personalize your mail by inputting your contact and website information on the bottom of each e-mail you write.

6. SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Very important. Good web design, great content, well implemented interactivity and SEO will get you up the ranks anywhere. Can’t stress that enough.

7. Advertising on the net is everywhere. If you have the budget you should definitely look into creating web ads that can be posted on high traffic portals.

8. Create a Blog, and write on it! The more you write the more traffic you will get. Simple as that. Users can sign up to your RSS feed and automatically receive information every time you post new articles.

9. Create Press Releases to inform people of your presence on the net. This technique will reach people on a local and a national level.

10. Finally, involve yourself in social media and post widgets on your website! Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc….
Widgets? They are simply links on your website to your social media profiles. Facebook has 200 million users, imagine that!

In further posts we’ll get more detailed on how to do some of the things mentioned above. In the meantime, keep informed and become popular!

Google Analytics Traffic Sources/Medium Tips

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There are much confusion about the definitions of terms used in Google Analytics regarding traffic sources/medium. Here’s some tips:

(direct) / (none)
The visitor hasn’t been referred from another website and either used a bookmark or typed the website directly into the browser.  It should be categorized as just a visitor who did not visit from a link or search engine.

google.com / referral
google.ca / referral
google.uk / referral
Not all referrals from Google.com domains come through organic search or AdWords ad listings. Referrals may come from a variety of sources, including Google Groups posts, base.Google.com listings, Google map, or static pages on related Google sites. Such visits are tagged as [referral] instead of [organic].

mail / referral
Visitors visited your site from / with email programs

IP address / referral
Visitors visited your site from their own IP address, for example, when a person subscribes to the feed of a blog, and when the person uses third party software to receive the feeds, and presses on the feed, he is using his IP address to view your entry.