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Why Video Content Gets Your Business More Clicks

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Video content is swiftly emerging as the best method to reach online viewers. Users prefer video, as do search engines. Brands who can provide interesting, relevant videos as a key component of their digital marketing strategy will reap the benefits of online engagement and exposure.

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5 Best Video Apps for Your Business


There is no doubt that video has become a major part of the online content marketing mix of many successful and socially connected businesses. The start of the summer alone has seen Facebook make a major update to better promote video on their network. Both Facebook and Google have been ramping up their push for video content because their internal studies indicate that users demand it, responding positively to brands that deliver engaging video. Many small to medium businesses understand this fact yet have deemed it not quite practical to hire a professional videographer or even invest in the equipment much less expensive editing software and/or services. However these methods are simply not necessary to start engaging your existing and prospective audience with video. All you need is your smartphone and tablet and you can install the following applications to begin making your branded mark with short film.

5 Best and Easy to Use Apps for Businesses Looking to Boost their Content Marketing Strategy with Video

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Is YouTube for You?

We’re not exactly drawing your attention to a cutting edge topic here. Everyone spends some time on YouTube. However, for many, much of that time involves watching someone’s pet parakeet chasing a cat, or a pet cat chasing a large dog, or a dog playing the piano. You get the idea.

Businesses on the other hand, could benefit from time better spent using this fantastic resource, yet often neglect to take advantage of video as a means to promote their product or service. It can feel a bit overwhelming compared to using text to Tweet or pictures to Pin. However, the value of YouTube as a marketing channel is exponential and should not be overlooked out of aversion to A/V technology. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth a million.

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Internet & Website Marketing, What Do You Do?

Many internet marketing agencies promise you and your business that they will provide amazing results, but provide vague answers on just how they intend to this. Many often fail to deliver on these promises. We have compiled a general list of the tasks we will perform in order to guarantee a successful internet marketing campaign.

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