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8 Ways Your Website Could Be Killing Your Business

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In an increasingly virtual world, your website is one of the most important components of your business. A good business website experience is as vital as having a presentable space and friendly staff at your business office or brick-and-mortar store.

Imagine if someone walked into your office and there were papers, folders and trash littering the reception area. Also imagine if they asked your receptionist a question and she was rude or, worse, completely ignored them.

A bad user experience on your website is almost the exact same thing. First impressions count, so if your website is unhelpful or carelessly done, then potential customers and business partners may think that this is how you approach all aspects of your business.

To make your virtual office as impressive as your real one, watch out for the following 8 common blunders business websites make:

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Be Social, But Don’t Neglect Your Website

We’ve provided numerous articles recently about the importance of both Social Media and Mobile Website Optimization as a means to better engage customers. Many of you have taken note and launched successful campaigns. However, we cannot stress enough – your website is your number one online priority when marketing your product/service to your customers.

Social Networks are amazing tools for online marketing efforts and they can be fun to maintain. Sometimes businesses get so caught up in their Social Media agenda that their time is spread thin, leaving the “bread and butter”, their website, on the sidelines.

In this article we address the methods, as they apply to Social Media campaigns, of making sure that your website comes first:

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