Website Design

100% Money-Back Guarantee

You’ll be happy with your design or we’ll refund your money in full. This is just a small snapshot of the many world-class websites we’ve built for our clients over the years. Please click the images to see an enlargement.

We Do It All

If you want to make money with your website it must be designed by internet marketing specialists with proven success. You can have all the traffic in the world coming to your website but if it doesn’t make people contact you, everything else you’ve done is a waste. We know what content needs to be on your website to capture prospect’s contact information.

In 1.2 seconds people decide on your company and your products from the look of your website. The color scheme, images, headlines, text, everything about your new website works together to get people to take the desired action – contact you, make a purchase, download your white paper, whatever you want them to do.

We’ll talk with you to discover the essence of your business, what makes you special or different, past successes, all about your customers, and your goals. After you approve the design we receive your photos or find good photos for you, write your page text, and build your site.

Free Website Hosting for One Year On Every New Website

Every website we build is completely custom, unique to you. Almost all of our websites are built in WordPress because Google loves WordPress websites if they’re done well, and we’re WordPress specialists.

  1. Responsive Mobile Website – Your website must look good and work well on any size mobile internet connected device. Google is now basing your entire Google rankings on your mobile website. We build a top quality responsive mobile website for every website we build.
  2. SSL Certificate – Google recently announced they want all websites to have an SSL Certificate, so we provide that no charge with your first year’s hosting. It shows up in the address bar as “https” rather than the old “http”.
  3. High Quality Original Content – Our staff of skilled writers will do their own research to find the right information to get your prospects to contact you. Then they put together the content in the right order so complete strangers trust you. Another important point is that high quality, original content shows Google your website is an authority in your field, so they want to give your website high rankings.
  4. A Blog – If you want to make money with your website it’s important to have a blog on it, and add high quality, original blog articles on a regular monthly basis. Every website we build includes a high quality, and easy to use blog.
  5. Content Management System (CMS) – The WordPress Content Management System is very easy to learn and to use. We can teach you on the phone in 10 minutes. You can add, change or delete text and photos on your website, and even pages themselves on your own anytime you like.
  6. Email Setup – For clients who wish to make money from their website we recommend using email addresses such as It looks much more professional. If you wish we can set this up for you at no charge. After initial setup, your hosting company will provide ongoing email support.
  7. Google Map – We put a fully functional Google Map on your Contact Us page featuring a red balloon marker, your business name, and your business location right in the center. The map also provides instant directions from anywhere.
  8. Contact Us Form – Your prospects and customers who use website-based email systems such as Gmail and Hotmail cannot use clickable email links on your website. Nothing happens when they click an email link. To contact you from your website they need to use a form. Also, some customers prefer the perceived security of a form on your website. We include custom code for “required” information you must have.
  9. Photo Gallery – If you have a number of photos they should be in an photo gallery. We’ll design a beautiful and easy-to-use gallery that shows your products and services at their best.
  10. Domain Name – We’ll recommend the most effective domain name for your website, register it for you in your name and send you the username and password so you’re always in control. We’ll pay for the first year’s registration.
  11. Automatic © Copyright JavaScript – We provide our own custom JavaScript so that the year in your © Copyright claim at the bottom of every page is always current. You never have to update it manually. Your website always looks up-to-date.

Optional Features For Your New Website

We also provide the following services at very reasonable prices:

  1. Website Maintenance – Your website MUST be maintained and the code backed-up every month to ensure hackers cannot get in, take control, and hold it ransom until you pay them hundreds of dollars. Click here to see our VERY INEXPENSIVE Website Maintenance package.
  2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) – Bring hundreds of qualified prospects to your website on a regular, steady basis. With our SEO Services your website will be on Page One of Google for the best keyword phrases.
  3. Create a Lead Magnet For Your Website – The best way to start a relationship with your prospects is to give them something of value for free, in return for their contact information and permission to contact them. We can create, design, and write a powerful Lead Magnet for your prospects that will show them you have tremendous value to give.
  4. Email Marketing – Properly done Email Marketing can be the most profitable part of your business, and run automatically. Your prospects and clients will appreciate receiving them, and even look forward to their arrival. We can create a powerful email marketing system for you.
  5. Logo Design – We will custom design a logo you can be proud of for many years. A well done logo can pre-sell your company and your products to prospects before they call you.
  6. Video – We produced the video on the homepage of this website from scratch. We did everything. We can produce the highest quality video to show your products at their best. We can embed them into the pages of your website and on Social Media websites like Facebook, YouTube. We can even help you with a “Whiteboard” video that can explain just about anything you want in an interesting and entertaining way.
  7. E-commerce – Your shopping cart should be easy-to-use and understand, and provide customers every opportunity to buy more, and often. A good website with a shopping cart can be a 24 hour money-making machine.
  8. Custom JavaScript and PHP – We can make your website do just about anything you can think of.

Mobile Website Design

Google has recently announced they are now basing your entire Google rankings on your mobile website. The best mobile websites are what is called “Responsive”. ALL THE WEBSITES WE BUILD ARE RESPONSIVE FOR MOBILE.

Internet Marketing Vancouver firm, Standard Marketing shows an example of Mobile website design.

Google now penalizes the rankings of websites that don’t have a good working mobile website, and rewards those that do. In addition, 58% of all searches on Google are made from mobile devices, and that number is constantly climbing. People are spending more time on their mobile devices than on their desktops. Simple mobile sites can be quick and inexpensive to build if you cater only to Android units and iPhones. But the most effective mobile websites look good on any mobile device no matter what the screen size.

Why You Need A Mobile Website

  1. Regular websites can be viewed on mobile devices but the type is very small, and it requires a great deal of zooming and scrolling left and right to find and read what you want. Scrolling sideways is very inconvenient and Calls to Action (CTA) will be difficult to identify.
  2. If you have Flash animation on your website it won’t be visible on iPhones.
  3. Google provides different search results for mobile users than desktops to account for their exact location at the time of the search.
  4. 33% of smartphone users have purchased or would consider purchasing through their mobile device. If you have eCommerce capabilities on your website, you need to be sure these functions are optimized for mobile.
  5. Building a mobile website is much cheaper than creating an app. Nielson studies also show that more people make purchases through mobile websites than they do on apps. Build your mobile website first.

Characteristics Of A Good Mobile Website:

  • Looks good and works well on any mobile device, not just an iPhone or Android.
  • The photos and images should automatically re-size themselves to fit well on any size screen.
  • Larger buttons to allow for people to navigate with their fingers.
  • The text on your mobile website should be larger than on your regular website.

Three Levels of Technological Sophistication

1. “Basic” Mobile Website – We can create a functional but basic mobile website with few graphics and few pages, but it will be done quickly and be functional on iPhones and Android phones.

2. “Adaptive Design” Mobile Website – The next step up is for us to take your existing website and recreate it using “Adaptive Design”. Adaptive Design is a cost effective method that will look good on most screen sizes. Time taken to make Adaptive Design mobile websites varies depending on the number of pages, the number of forms and special functions, and the distribution of graphics on your website.

3. “Responsive Design” Mobile Website – The best mobile websites are built using a technique called “Responsive Design” which reduces or eliminates specific graphics and information depending on the size of screen on the device being used. The result is that your website not only looks great but is functionally superior no matter what the viewer’s screen size or mobile device. The best time to create a Responsive Design website is when it’s being redesigned, so it’s part of the basic construction.

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