Branding / Logo Design

Our SEO Vancouver team designed PharmAnalytic's logo, business cards, stationery, brochures, and website.

Branding is one of the most fundamental and important aspects of marketing and advertising. At a small business level it’s about making all of your marketing and advertising look the same, so no matter where people see your advertising it is instantly recognizable as yours. The image to right illustrates this point well. This client’s logo, website, business cards, and letterhead all have basically the same colours, images, and shapes.

This gives everything you do more impact, whether people see your website, email marketing, Facebook page, Twitter page, newspaper ad, magazine ad, brochure, anything. They see one and they remember that they’ve seen the same “look” many other places. This gives them the impression your company is larger, more professional, and that you have better products and services.

Large businesses have much more is at stake, and they can afford to spend more time researching what their customers and prospects think about their company and products. For example, Campbell’s Soup is a well-established brand. Their logo, colours, and the design of their cans make their products instantly recognizable as quality products by just about anybody in North America and around the world. This is a classic case of good marketing.

We can do the same for you. We’ve been in Internet Marketing and Branding since 1999. By switching your budget to Internet Marketing you can increase your business without increasing your budget.

Logo Design

Our internet marketing Vancouver team worked on the branding for Magic by MiO.

Our SEO Vancouver team designed the logo for Every Day Fiction.

Our internet marketing Vancouver team was happy to design Big Sky Dental's Logo and website.

Your logo is the cornerstone of your Brand. All of your marketing and advertising should consistently include your logo. At a glance it tells people your company is strong, solid, professional, and modern. It tells them your products and services are interesting, distinctive, and even what values are important to you and how they’ll feel if they do business with you.

We’ve designed many beautiful logos over the years, and every client has been delighted. Here are only a few. The first is for a real estate agent in the foothills of Alberta. How would your website and marketing materials look with a logo like this on them?

Next you can see the logo of Mio The Magician. It conveys the glitter of the stage and showmanship. It’s classy and elegant like Mio himself. He is an incredible talent. Watching Mio do slight-of-hand makes me believe his magic is real.

Below that is the logo of a website called “Every Day Fiction”. They encouraged writers to write a short piece of fiction every day. Hence the rising sun, and the quill pen writing in the book.

Then you’ll see the logo for a Dental Clinic in Pemberton, BC, just past Whistler. Pemberton is in a valley with a river flowing through it. Here the mountains look like teeth. The seagull gives the impression of being close the sea, and portrays freedom and space. This logo looks very clean, fresh, happy, and professional. These are all values that a dentist’s office wants to portray.

The process of creating your new logo:

  1. First we talk to you, ask about your business, and find the image elements it should be built on, what colours you like, and what values you want to portray.
  2. We send you previews of a number of different ideas.
  3. We make changes if necessary.
  4. We design whatever you need at the time – business cards, letterhead, envelopes, social media pages, brochures, anything.
  5. We deliver your final logo in many formats, so that it can be used for absolutely any purpose in the future, whether for your website, email, social media, brochures, newspaper, magazines, billboards, anything.
  6. All of our logos are designed in vectors, which means they look sharp and crisp at any size, even on a billboard 10 feet tall.

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