Mobile Websites

On April 21, 2015 Google made a good quality mobile website an absolute necessity

Internet Marketing Vancouver firm, Standard Marketing shows an example of Mobile website design.

Google now penalizes the rankings of websites that don’t have a good working mobile website, and rewards those that do. In addition, 50% of all searches on Google are made from mobile devices. People are spending more time on their mobile devices than on their desktops. Simple mobile sites can be quick and inexpensive to build if you cater only to Android units and iPhones. But the most effective mobile websites look good on any mobile device no matter what the screen size.

Why You Need A Mobile Website

  1. Regular websites can be viewed on mobile devices but the type is very small, and it requires a great deal of zooming and scrolling left and right to find and read what you want. Scrolling sideways is very inconvenient and Calls to Action (CTA) will be difficult to identify.
  2. If you have Flash animation on your website it won’t be visible on iPhones.
  3. Google provides different search results for mobile users than desktops to account for their exact location at the time of the search.
  4. 33% of smartphone users have purchased or would consider purchasing through their mobile device. If you have eCommerce capabilities on your website, you need to be sure these functions are optimized for mobile.
  5. Building a mobile website is much cheaper than creating an app. Nielson studies also show that more people make purchases through mobile websites than they do on apps. Build your mobile website first.

Characteristics Of A Good Mobile Website:

  • Looks good and works well on any mobile device, not just an iPhone or Android.
  • The photos and images should automatically re-size themselves to fit well on any size screen.
  • Larger buttons to allow for people to navigate with their fingers.
  • The text on your mobile website should be larger than on your regular website.

3 Levels of Technological Sophistication

1. “Basic” Mobile Website – We can create a functional but basic mobile website with few graphics and few pages, but it will be done quickly and be functional on iPhones and Android phones.

2. “Adaptive Design” Mobile Website – The next step up is for us to take your existing website and recreate it using “Adaptive Design”. Adaptive Design is a cost effective method that will look good on most screen sizes. Time taken to make Adaptive Design mobile websites varies depending on the number of pages, the number of forms and special functions, and the distribution of graphics on your website.

3. “Responsive Design” Mobile Website – The best mobile websites are built using a technique called “Responsive Design” which reduces or eliminates specific graphics and information depending on the size of screen on the device being used. The result is that your website not only looks great but is functionally superior no matter what the viewer’s screen size or mobile device. The best time to create a Responsive Design website is when it’s being redesigned, so it’s part of the basic construction.

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